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Why We are Different

UTrust is an independent software quality assurance provider offering a full range of testing services, including quality & risk management, test management, functional testing, non-functional testing, test Technology Support, project & business consulting, QA Training, QA Outsourcing, documentation quality.

We deliver testing services for a number of industries, such as Automotive, Telecom, E-commerce, Banking and Finance, Construction, Media and Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, and Software Publishing.

At UTrust we are committed to increasing the value through personal approach and effective cooperation strategies; to creating choice working conditions for our personnel through providing opportunities for their personal and professional development; and to conducting decent and fair business towards the government, partners, and customers.


Adherence to the highest professional standards

  • Put client interests ahead of the company’s

  • Observe high ethical standards

  • Preserve client confidences

  • Manage client and company resources cost-effectively
  • Improve our clients’ business

  • Maintain our expertise and skills in order to deliver the best of us to our clients

  • Bring innovations in QA and testing practices to our customers

  • Build client capabilities to sustain improvement

  • Build enduring relationships based on trust
  • Our Clinets & Partners

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