PMI - Agile Certified Practitioners Training Course (PMI- ACP )

(32 Hours) | 4 Days
This is four days comprehensive Introductory workshop to all aspects of Agile Software Development such as: [Agile values and principles - Agile methods - User stories - estimation - Release and Iteration Planning and Tracking - Teaming - Agile Team Roles]
It Covers SCRUM practices in details and overview of XP practices and lean practices
PMI - ACP course modules:
Domain I. Agile Principles and Mindset
Domain II. Value-driven Delivery
Domain III. Stakeholder Engagement
Domain V. Adaptive Planning
Domain VI. Problem Detect
Domain VI. Problem Detection and Resolution
Domain VII. Continuous Improvement (Product, Process, People)

After the course you will be able to know:

The Agile Values and principals and how to maintain them while applying agile
How to apply Agile methodologies in software projects 

Schedule for this course
Sorry , there is no schedule for this course