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UTrust has a wide range of services such as software testing, training, quality assurance & outsourcing

UTrust first QA company in MEA


UTrust is software testing services provider with 25 years of experience in quality field, we have around 350 QA Engineers (Egyptian, Indian and Ukraine) and most of our clients are centered in Middle east – in the Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Oman – but our capabilities can extend far beyond.

Digital change is inevitable, whether it is driven by you, your customers, the competition or regulation. Using Global Leading capabilities in Business AgilityManagement Consulting and Continuous Quality, we ensure our clients pace of change becomes a competitive advantage.

As your trusted advisor, independent of system integrators and technology providers, UTrust is entirely focused on helping you manage business and technology risks to achieve fit-for-purpose business outcomes. Quality is in our DNA. We are the strategic quality partner for digital business.

At UTrust we are committed to increasing the value through personal approach and effective cooperation strategies; to creating choice working conditions for our personnel through providing opportunities for their personal and professional development; and to conducting decent and fair business towards the government, partners, and customers.


Outsourcing QA activities makes better economic sense than opening an internal QA department. It is often more effective in the long run to outsource the QA function to an independent vendor. This saves you from unreasonable spending and saves the time necessary to set up, maintain, and in some cases also withdraw a skilled team of QA engineers. There are no inherent costs when outsourcing QA (like salary and administrative costs, IT and infrastructure costs, and different office expenses).

Outsourcing QA activities gives necessary independence from the development team. Industry experience clearly indicates that independent QA teams deliver better results, and the customer always gets an accurate software quality picture. This is in contrast to the dependent QA scenario, when the development project manager may be more optimistic on the current status of the project, which results in hidden problems, with some of them revealed only at final stages of product development or even after product release.

Outsourcing QA activities gives access to a great pool of skills and prepaid testing tools. An independent QA team has the capability to develop all the necessary skills and competences. This is achieved by testing of many products, by the continuous improvement of QA processes and procedures, and through the purchasing of the required tools. Such an approach provides the best results from the very beginning of the project, with no need to wait for the development and growth of your own team.

UTrust offer a variety of testing services and time proven methodologies to match your QA needs, from functional testing of small web applications, to setting up a dedicated team within your company, and even the complete outsourcing of all your QA ne

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