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Highly productive software plays a key role in most companies. All over the world, many central workflows are based on sophisticated IT systems. This means that software quality is an important factor, because unstable applications and faulty software architecture not only jeopardies internal workflows but often lead to additional costs and harm the company’s image. But testing complex IT systems is seldom part of their own core business. Our UTRUST consultants will assist you with the automation of time-consuming but crucial test runs and processes. Our services in the field of Test Automation include strategic advice on the choice of the optimum software testing tools, as well as the actual execution of automated tests. With UTRUST, you will save valuable time and avoid unpleasant budget overruns.

Greater efficiency with Test Automation

To maintain the fault-free operation of complex IT systems, you need a specially tailored test management process. However, the made-to-measure setup and execution of manual tests is both time-consuming and cost-intensive. Automated software tests represent a less costly solution. Test runs that have to be performed in frequently recurring procedures are especially suitable for this purpose. Individual steps, such as pre- and post-processing, should also be automated. The unbeatable advantage is that you make substantial cost savings and permanently reduce the burden on your specialist departments.

The right automation method is crucial

In order to identify the best possible test automation for your system, our consultants choose appropriate testing tools for your IT environment. With the right tools, all testing stages can be automated – from preparation to execution and analysis. If the “toolbox” is carefully prepared, it will be possible to achieve a wide range of improvements, by means of automated software tests. These improvements include reduced costs and development risks, improved software quality and shorter product roll-out times.

Software Test Automation – success through know-how

Do you want to have your system tested? We can assist you from consultancy through to execution. UTRUST has worked with leading tool manufacturers. Our experts have many years’ experience. This means that they access to the know-how acquired from over successful test automation projects.

Automated Software Testing with UTRUST – our services

We offer standard solutions with a wide variety of tools, develop customer-specific test solutions and testing at one of our own test center.

Our services include

On-site consulting: We will assist you on-site when you set up your test automation.
Health check: We assess the quality of your existing automation solution and make suggestions for optimization.
Readiness assessment: We assess your readiness for test automation and help to optimize the testing process.
Multifactor analysis: We find the right test automation tool for you
Proof of concept: We produce a technical feasibility study, in order to ensure that the automation solution is efficient within your environment.
Framework design and implementation: We help to plan and establish a powerful automation framework.
Test Automation: We run automated tests for you and you benefit from cost savings by using our offshore resources
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