Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

As experts in software testing and QA in healthcare, we understand your need for security, compliance and faultless operation.

Based on digital transformation in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Today’s doctors carry medications along with their stethoscopes, enabling them to spend more time treating patients than catching up with paperwork. Patient records are comprehensive, ensuring all aspects of an individual’s care can be reviewed by any of healthcare professionals at any time.

However, this digitization has brought some of risk in security and data accuracy which became an issue of today more than ever before.

Quality Assurance and trust in Data

We work with healthcare providers to ensure a high level of compliance, accuracy, security and data flow between main systems, such as: x-ray, drug allocation and patient records.

We offer the following supporting activities

  • Disaster recovery planning review and approval
  • Data migration planning review and approval
  • Hardware and software qualification
  • Validation team leadership
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Data center move and migration

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