The course is designed to provide software quality assurance and testing professionals with the knowledge necessary to develop your mobile testing strategy. At its core is an in-depth review of the different types of mobile testing, their applicability to different types of mobile testing projects, the ways to carry them out, and the tools that might help. The class also addresses two especially challenging issues: building a mobile test lab and developing your mobile test team.

Participants will learn

How do different types of testing apply to mobile platforms
What are the criteria that will help you decide which types of testing are relevant to your project
How to build your mobile test lab
How to develop your mobile test team


What the course is about

Scope: what do we cover in depth, what do we glance over, what we do not cover
Goals: what will we learn
Administrative items

Impact on the testing approach

Functionality: how to test location sensitivity, orientation, real-time updates, etc. unique aspects
Performance: endurance testing and beyond
Compatibility: hardware and software
Usability: size, lighting, conditions of use, etc. do matter
Security: lost/stolen phones, memory freeze and “Remember Me,” etc.
Interoperability: crucial chain in the enterprise link
Survivability and Recovery: testing for battery, reception, GPS loss, etc.
User acceptance: when, where, and who will do it
Production monitoring: what happens after release

Mobile testing lab

Rent or build?

Mobile Testing Team

The skillset of mobile test engineer
Finding mobile testers

Training your team

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