Test automation, very useful for all platforms, is crucial for mobile. Shorter time to market demands quicker development and testing cycles, and the only way to reduce timelines without giving up much of the regression tests is automation. Manual data entry speed is much slower o mobile devices than on the PC, so automation comes handy. You are likely to need to test your native app or mobile website on several platforms, so having a script that will do it saves you time and allows human test engineers to focus on tasks that require analysis rather than repetitive test execution. Yet at the same time mobile poses a number of automation challenges: the platforms are diverse and not easily accessible, native apps and mobile websites frequently should be tested in conjunction with other platforms, and more. The course focuses on analyzing different methods of mobile test automation in light of these challenges, and highlights their advantages and weaknesses; this includes discussion of tool demos that emphasize creative uses of mobile test automation. Then we proceed to discussing possible models for mobile test automation architecture and integrating it into your overall automation. The class ends in a group project of defining mobile testing approach for a mobile app or website.

Participants will learn

What are the challenges posed by mobile technologies and how they impact test management
What are the necessary components of the mobile testing strategy
How to decide whether to build or rent a mobile test lab
How to choose among the existing mobile test automation methods and tools
What is the skill set of a mobile test engineer needs

How to find and train mobile test engineers


What the course is about

what do we cover in depth, what do we glance over, what we do not cover
Goals: what will we learn
Administrative items

Intro: The necessity to automate

The Mobile Challenge: platforms, technologies, and more

Coping with the Mobile Challenges

diverse platforms
weaker hardware
variety of connectivity modes

From challenges to criteria for evaluating automation options

Different approaches

Hardware modification
Software modification: jailbreaking vs. instrumentation
Special tools
Common tools

Choosing the best automation approach

Tools for Mobile Testing

Mobile Test Automation Architecture

Possible models


Group project: defining mobile automation approach for app / mobile website

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