test automation-selenium Java


1. Selenium Overview

Selenium Components and Architecture 
Why Java for Selenium 
Installing Java, Eclipse First Eclipse Project and Java program 

2. Java Programming Basics

Class, Object, Method, Property
Concept of Inheritance
Overloading and Overriding Functions
Creating Packages
Accessing Classes and Methods
Accessing modifiers
Exception handing
Conditional and concatenation operators
Data Types
Functions Global, Static and local Variables
Creating Objects and Object References
Call by reference and Value

3. Selenium IDE

Installing Selenium IDE
Recording Script Running, Pausing and debugging Script
Inserting commands in between script
Wait Commands
Verification and Assertionst

4. Selenium WebDriver

Selenium RC Vs Webdriver
Downloading and configuring webdriver in eclipse
First Selenium WebDriver Code
Capturing screenshots
Operating with multiple browsers
Introduction to Webdriver Methods
Handling Dropdowns, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes
Handling Input Box/Buttons/ Links
Using By – id, name, linktext, class, XPath, CSS
Using Firebug and FirePath
Making your own XPath without firebug
Making your own CSS selector
Dynamic objects and count of objects
Capturing screenshots with WebDriver
Handling windows and switching windows
Handling frames in web pages
Pop-up and alert handling
Certificate error handling using WebDriver
Explicit Vs Implicit waits
Keyboard and Mouse event handling
Handling webdriver timeout
Handling webdriver execptions

5. Selenium Grid

Introduction to hub, driver

Configuring node parameters and timeouts

Approaches to start/stop hub and driver

Using grid to run tests using RemoteWebDriver

Setting desired & Fetching actual capabilities

6. Automation Frameworks

Modular Driven Framework

Data Driven Framework

TestNG Framework

Hybrid Automation Framework

Page Object Model

7. Other Topics

Generating Test Reports
Tips and tricks with Selenium

Helper Function Project

Creating Template project

After the course, you will be able to know:

Understand Selenium Architecture and its components
Work with Selenium RC using Java and C#

Execute Different Locator Techniques e.g by link, by text, by id, by css, by xpath etc.

Automate windows applications with AutoIt

Understand Selenium WebDriver/ Selenium 2.0

Perform Cross browser testing with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera

Use WebDriver advanced features e.g. taking screenshots, handling cookies and managing exceptions

Validate page content using Selenium WebDriver API

Create Data driven, Keyword driven and Hybrid test framework

Record and importing tests with Selenium IDE

Perform unit testing with JUnit

Apply Test Driven Development(TDD) approach

Code coverage report using Java Code Coverage(JaCoCo) to evaluate code execution

Perform distributed testing using Selenium GRID

Interact with images present on the web page with Sikuli

Write Test cases using TestNG

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