UTrust is strategic quality partner for digital business.

The energy and utilities market continues to undergo fundamental change. Legislation, fluctuating prices and decarbonization are adding extra commercial pressure and driving innovation. Yet, many providers recognize the need to develop new, sustainable technology well before the government forces their hand.

As you face pressures of tighter legislation, climate change and internal market forces, energy and utility providers see the same consumer demands as many other industries: to provide omni-channel, customer-centric service giving choice, visibility and control to millions of customers at low cost.

Connected home with smart meter software and systems testing
The rapid growth of smart meters as part of the digitally connected home creates significant opportunities for those who can provide the right technology systems and platforms.

These emerging technologies require extensive testing to maximize performance whilst meeting necessary regulatory compliance.

Yet, somewhat paradoxically, newcomers are arriving all the time. Those newcomers, without the constraints of legacy investment in generation and supply, are using technology to attract and retain your customers. And it’s here – in the digital utility arena – that UTrust can help you increase your own competitiveness.

Supporting Energy and Utilities in the Digital Age
From electricity generation companies, oil and gas production and transport, water boards to oil/energy trading companies, we can provide you with independent business consultancy, quality assurance management and testing services.

Through quality assurance and intelligent test management, we ensure that any roll-out of new IT infrastructure, application or large-scale projects is robust enough to handle your market complexity and continuous regulatory change.

Our deep market knowledge and attention to detail when configuring your developmental testing strengthens your organization’s resilience to regulatory pressures, enabling you to demonstrate proven compliance to customers and shareholders alike.