Quality Assurance Management

Quality Assurance Management refers to the processes and activities that ensure that products or services meet quality standards and customer expectations. It involves a continuous cycle of planning, executing, monitoring, and improving processes to ensure that products or services are delivered with high quality.

Quality Assurance Management includes various activities, such as defining quality standards, establishing quality control processes, performing quality audits, and implementing corrective actions. It involves working closely with stakeholders to understand their requirements and expectations, and ensuring that quality is integrated into all stages of the product or service development lifecycle.

Effective Quality Assurance Management requires a comprehensive understanding of industry standards, best practices, and quality assurance methodologies, as well as the ability to adapt to changing requirements and technologies. It plays a critical role in ensuring customer satisfaction, reducing costs, and enhancing the overall performance and reputation of an organization.

UTRUST believes that quality control should be continuously governed, managed, and assured in a management system to focus on defect prevention rather than defect detection. Finding a fault in your code just before launch may save your reputation, but it will cost you time and money.

Our experts will help you establish a quality governance structure that directs the overall approach to quality management and quality assurance. This ensures a return on investment on any investment in quality while supporting the primary aim of protecting the quality of production systems.

We provide end-to-end visibility of your specific quality assurance measurements and help you create a test process improvement plan to constantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your testing.

As the largest independent quality assurance company in the world, we can provide objective advice on the impact and management of quality from third party suppliers. We can also assist with vendor selection, vendor project management, and setting up and measuring third-party KPIs to support your business initiatives.

With over 10 years of experience in bringing quality assurance management and governance to software and IT system developers and integrators, we remain independent and objective. As technology evolves, our focus on quality assurance management and governance has not changed, ensuring that our only agenda is quality.

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