UTrust is strategic quality partner for digital business.

Today, the online gaming industry’s focus is to win over consumers in a fast-paced, competitive marketplace.

Online games need to meet high user expectation, comply with rigorous legislation and be ready for concurrent release across multiple platforms.

We help by supporting the development of new, engaging and high-quality games on a rapid release schedule. Through a managed software quality assurance testing programme and quality best-practice we help to shift your focus from defect detection to defect prevention, thus ensuring you meet your release date.

Bringing Software Quality Assurance to Gaming

We provide quality assurance and software testing services to game developers, operators, platform providers. Have a well-defined and proven game certification testing methodology.

Our quality management services enable you to create a development process centered around quality assurance software best practice, whereas our business consultancy services help you to move your business towards today’s agile development world, ready to adopt market demands, such as omni-channel.

Our software testing services include: load and performance testing, test management, mobile testing, test automation and functional testing. Crucially, for businesses operating in this sector, we are accredited to carry out compliance testing.