Performance Testing

For more and more companies, a functioning software and IT system is essential, when it comes to selling products and services. It is especially important for clients to be able to operate a website or system, which is free of errors or security gaps and manageable in terms of time. UTRUST will support you with load and performance tests, in order to help you provide your users with the best possible service. Our performance experts develop conclusive test cases based on realistic scenarios, in order to assess how users have experienced your system. For example, if you anticipate a load profile of 500,000 additional users per day, because of a special campaign, we will test the load behaviour with a load test for this type of extreme situation.

Performance tests and load tests for your website, when testing websites, we focus on two aspects of your services and infrastructure:

From the user point of view:

For your users, a fast response will produce a high level of satisfaction and high usage. If you meet these criteria, you will have an edge in the eyes of the relevant user group, so that you can apply competitive pressure.

From the operator point of view

From your point of view, good but not excessive use will produce a positive cost/benefit ratio for your IT systems. The measurements and indicators that we define will help you identify the need for investment at an early stage.

We use special load tools to monitor the infrastructure and detect system components that are currently restricting overall performance or will do so in the future. Two components are involved:

  •  Load generation in a simulated test environment
  •  Setting up a control system within the original system

The UTRUST testing experts also use these tools to determine the maximum permissible system loads and identify system bottlenecks.

Early detection of errors by testing during development

The causes of load and performance problems are often deeply rooted in the architecture. It is important to introduce early fault detection. As well as load and performance tests at system integration stage, UTRUST also offers tests and reviews during development. For example, we work with agile testing teams who measure the performance trend objectively and continuously. When defined thresholds are exceeded, performance can be repeatedly optimized without any adverse effect on the system due to early intervention.

Our services include:

 Performance testing: This includes defining performance requirements, generating performance scripts, running appropriate tests and reporting on results.
Capacity benchmarking: We assess how systems perform under known load conditions. This service is often used at design or requirements stage.
Tuning and optimization: We use performance test scripts in a proactive way, in order to identify bottlenecks and make recommendations for improving application performance.
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