UTrust is strategic quality partner for digital business.

As specialists in software testing and quality assurance in healthcare, we understand your need for security, compliance and faultless operation.

UTrust has transformed the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Today’s doctors carry medications along with their stethoscopes, enabling them to spend more time treating patients than catching up with paperwork. Patient records are comprehensive and are stored in a central location, ensuring all aspects of an individual’s care can be reviewed by any of your healthcare professionals at any time.

However, this digitization has brought an element of risk; security and data accuracy are more of an issue today than ever before for your organization.

UTrust: Assuring Quality Assurance and Confidence in Data

We work with healthcare providers, cosmetic and pharmaceutical businesses to ensure a high level of compliance, accuracy, security and data flow between essential systems, such as: x-ray, drug allocation and patient records.

Through quality assurance in healthcare and intelligent testing methodology, our global team of specialist quality consultants will ensure your systems have the required level of security at all levels and are fully integrated across different aspects of your healthcare or pharma organisation.

Computer System Validation Service

We offer a full computer system validation assessment, including system risk and impact assessment, operational support and validation documentation authoring and approval.

We offer the following supporting activities:

  • Disaster recovery planning review and approval
  • Data migration planning review and approval
  • Hardware and software qualification
  • Validation team leadership
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Data center move and migration

We are an independent provider and have a global network of quality assurance consultants who are experts in quality management and end to end testing within the healthcare and pharma sectors; we can bring peace of mind in the accuracy and security of your systems and patient-related data. UTrust also offers business level consultancy in best-practice quality and testing methodology.

Whether you need computer system validation, quality assurance or software testing management, contact us to discuss your requirements for a secure, successful digital operation.