Functional Testing

Software development is a highly complex, time-consuming and cost-intensive process. If an IT system fails, it costs money, reputation and customers. The sources of errors are both annoying and varied; misunderstandings at the design stage, program errors or unforeseen project conditions. The UTRUST testing experts use functional testing on all classic test levels to check your software thoroughly and eliminate errors early in the design and development stage. This means that you can benefit from our years of experience of preparing, running and managing functional tests. Starting as early as with component testing supporting developers, via system testing, integration testing up to complex business process testing levels like end2end testing.

Quality assurance on new and classic test levels

Recently new methods and technologies have arisen in the area of testing. As UTRUST we support not only the new ways of testing like supporting agile approaches or model based testing, but also all classic levels. Our services in this field will help you to minimize errors – both before and after commencement of a software project. Our testing experts possess many years of practical experience, belong to international networks and follow plans tailored to individual software projects. Our goal is to use our services to guarantee the quality of your software and optimize your business processes. You benefit from high quality as well as systematic and long-term cost savings.


Early test levels – developer testing


Together, we create the necessary structures for effective and efficient testing. Supporting developers in creating a test methodology, applying existing methodologies like unit testing and other standards is daily business at UTRUST. Our experts for developer quality develop the best solution for you and your team.

Later test levels – accelerating testing with business focus

All other test levels are part of a more than 15-year experience-based testing with UTRUST. Mainly splitting up test activities by responsibilities lead to test levels. System testing, system integration testing, user acceptance testing and operational acceptance testing are the typical test levels that need to be organized, managed and executed together by one defined team. Regular reporting on the current project status and application quality is an essential part of our services, along with flexible, transparent and result-oriented pricing models


UTrust can help our clients by providing comprehensive functional testing services that ensure the reliability, functionality, and usability of their software applications. Here are some specific ways we can assist our clients with functional testing:

  1. Test Planning and Strategy: UTrust can work with our clients to develop a test plan and strategy that aligns with their business goals and objectives. Our test planning and strategy services can help our clients identify testing requirements, prioritize testing activities, and develop test cases and scenarios that cover all functional aspects of their software applications.
  2. Test Execution: UTrust can execute functional tests on our clients’ software applications, using manual and automated testing methods. Our test execution services can help our clients identify defects, errors, and other issues, while ensuring that their software applications meet the expected functional requirements and user expectations.
  3. Regression Testing: UTrust can perform regression testing on our clients’ software applications, ensuring that any changes or updates to their software applications do not affect their existing functionality. Our regression testing services can help our clients mitigate the risks of production downtime, errors, and financial losses.
  4. User Acceptance Testing: UTrust can perform user acceptance testing (UAT) on our clients’ software applications, ensuring that they meet the expected functional requirements and user expectations. Our UAT services can help our clients enhance user satisfaction, while ensuring that their software applications are fit for purpose and meet their business needs.

Overall, UTrust‘s functional testing services can help our clients improve the quality, reliability, and usability of their software applications, while reducing their risks and costs associated with software defects and errors.