Globalization testing is a software testing technique that is used to ensure that a software application can work effectively and correctly in different cultural and linguistic settings. The purpose of globalization testing is to verify that an application can be adapted to different locales, languages, and cultural conventions without any issues.

Many establishments these days provide their services and products to clients dwelling in numerous areas via websites and cell apps. Some establishments translate and localize the labels, content material, and facts utilized by the software program to engage with clients of their local language. At the identical time, many establishments additionally discover approaches to globalizing their software programs to allow customers to get entry to and use them easily irrespective of their locale. 

The smarter establishments even carry out complex globalization trying out to make sure that  the software promises most appropriate revel in to every person irrespective of the  geographical and cultural environment. The number one goal on globalization trying out is to  perceive the problems and flaws that have an effect on the capability of software programs with various global guide requirements. The testers additionally check the software’s functionality to just accept textual content and enter in all languages without breaking its capability. 

Benefits of Performing Globalization Testing: 

  • Like localization checking out, globalization checking out additionally targets to evaluate the software program’s scalability and flexibility. Based at the globalization checking out  results, an employer can without difficulty decide if its software program is scalable sufficient to satisfy the various wishes of customers in numerous geographical and cultural environments. 
  • Unlike localization checking out, globalization checking out enables corporations to lessen average checking out time. The testers can carry out an identical set of checks to test if the software program is functional, readable, and usable throughout many browsers and platforms. Hence, they’re now no longer required to assess the software time and again in person in geographic and cultural environments. 
  • When an employer released its software program without appearing globalization checking out, it wishes to guide the software constantly and get the problems diagnosed with the aid of using an international audience. The globalization checking out end result makes it simpler for the commercial enterprise to determine if the software is prepared for the worldwide audience. The employer can similarly control the software program easily over an extended duration of time. 

Factors to Focus on while Performing Globalization Testing: 

While performing globalization testing, testers focus extensively on two aspects — the  application accepts all the language text, and functions flawlessly in each geographical and 

cultural environment. Hence, they have to focus on specific aspects of the software to decide if it meets the varying needs of a global audience. 

  • Local date and time formatting 
  • Currency handling 
  • Format of address and zip code 
  • Format of a telephone number 
  • Sensitivity of English vocabulary 
  • Varying paper sizes for printing 
  • Graphical Images 
  • User interface elements — menus, status bar, toolbar, dialogue boxes and messages Enabling or disabling features according to specific locales 

Automating Globalization Testing Efforts 

Often enterprises find it challenging to perform globalization testing comprehensively within a  short amount of time. They have to deploy many testers to test the applications in specific geographical and cultural environments. Also, the Software QA testing professionals have to create and execute multiple test cases repeatedly to generate more reliable test results. Hence,  many enterprises explore ways to automate globalization testing to save time and obtain more reliable test results. 

The smarter testers prefer writing flexible and extensible test cases in the beginning. They extend the test scripts support multiple languages according to the specific geographical and cultural environment. They also have the option to use commercial globalization testing tools provided by major tech companies like Microsoft. These tools make it easier for testers to create custom global testing environments, and execute test plans according to individual locale or language settings. 

On the whole, an enterprise must perform global testing to make the software deliver optimal user experience in varying geographical and cultural environments. Also, the global testing  results will help the enterprise to identify and repair all flaws or issues that prevent the  software from catering varying needs of global audience. But the testers must focus on many  important aspects and use the right tools to produce more reliable globalization testing results.

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